Le Cormier

Where We Are

Le Cormier is situated in the lovely French region known as the "Loir et Cher" or the area surrounding Vendôme, Montrichard, Blois and Romorantin between the rivers Loir (to the North running through Vendôme) and Cher (running East-West through Montrichard toward Tours where it joins the Loire river).

In the map above, the village of Sambin (about 900 residents) is on the right and Le Cormier is on the left (inside the large circle). From south of the center of town, where the road makes a sweeping turn, turn onto the road pointing to Chaumont sur Loire (toward the west). Turn left after about a mile (1.5 km) where you will see the sign listing Le Cormier as the third house. Take that (very) small road to its end and viola! you've arrived!

If you have GPS, you may find us at: Latitude 47° 26.0'N or 47.432655N and Longitude 1° 14.8'E or 1.246286E

Who We Are

Marie-Louise and I moved here in April 2002 from Colorado in the United States to particpate in and guide the reconstruction of the house and barn. Marie-Louise is Dutch and I'm an American. While living in the States, we lived in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, built a solar efficient house in Ohio, lived in California in Danville, outside Oakland in the greater San Francisco Bay Area and finally ended up in Colorado for two years before we moved to France.

Here is a photo of us taken in 2011: